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At DConstruction Arts, we are committed to conceiving, creating and producing the highest quality events, experiences, environments, and theatre. 

DConstruction Arts

is a non-profit arts organization.

DConstructions Arts' co-founders and artistic directors, Jane Rose and Tavi Stutz, have pooled their talents to create memorable and thought provoking theatrical experiences. Their productions combine the arts of circus, theater, and multimedia to tell stories that entertain 

audiences, enrich lives and inspire people to think about their place in the world and how to make a positive difference.

Current Happenings

Membership series

Movement and Meditation Class

Join us virtually Every Sunday

Zoom Room opens at 9:45am PT

Meditation begins at 10am PT

or participate in your own time via dcon on demand 




​What is a Movement + Meditation virtual session like?

Wear your favorite comfy clothes and get yourself ready for a guided meditation and sound bath. The crystal bowls are tuned to your chakras and the resonance will set your chakras spinning. The guided meditation begins with an exercise to get you completely relaxed and ready to reprogram your mind and manifest a brilliant future. The experience is expansive and calming and at the same time intimate and exciting.  After the half hour guided meditation and sound bath, we begin to physically absorb the mediation into the body with some gentle and invigorating movements designed to be accessible for most bodies. This shared experience is an excellent form of self care and a wonderful way to further participate in the DConstruction Arts community! 


All this starting at only $25/mo.


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Everyone in every job imaginable has the potential to be creative! Are you too shy to recognize your own creative identity or just not sure how to tap into it? 

Inspiration is Everwhere Podcast DConstruction Arts

Our guests aren’t household names, but man, have they made a big impact! The life lessons and inspiration shared in these conversations apply to people from all walks of life!


Throughout the seasons we talk with our inspirational friends, including Cirque du Soleil artist Kristi Hughes, published author and life coach Randy Spelling, Emmy award winning foley artist Jeffrey Wilhoit and so many more!


It's these types of conversations that get the creative juices flowing and we'll give you exercises to unlock your own creativity!

Join us, Tavi Stutz and Jane Rose, the artistic directors of DConstruction Arts’ as we dive head first into tangential, delightful and inspiring conversations that explore all the ins and outs of inspiration and WTF to do with it. This podcast expands our belief that inspiration and creativity comes from all over! 

Definition of Man

An Ovation Awards nominated show!

In these crazy times of sheltering in place and social distancing, DConstruction Arts is excited to be collaborating with Nikki Muller and Jason Rosario to bring the award winning show "Definition of Man" LIVE to your living room (or bedroom, or bathroom...your choice ;)


"Definition of Man" has been hailed as a sexier, more violent "Waiting for Godot" and takes on the challenges of language and connection in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Check back soon for upcoming live stream dates and times.


Exciting new updates are on the way!

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