At DConstruction Arts, we are committed to conceiving, creating and producing the highest quality events, experiences, environments, and theatre. 

DConstruction Arts

is a non-profit arts organization.

DConstructions Arts' co-founders and artistic directors, Jane Rose and Tavi Stutz, have pooled their talents to create memorable and thought provoking theatrical experiences. Their productions combine the arts of circus, theater, and multimedia to tell stories that entertain 

audiences, enrich lives and inspire people to think about their place in the world and how to make a positive difference.

Current Happenings

Membership series beginning 4/4/2021

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We are excited to be expanding our community and offering a DCon Subscriber Series!​


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Your DCon Subscription includes the following:

Weekly all levels M + M session (Movement + Meditation)  - streaming live over Zoom Sundays at 10am PDT

Inspiration Panels featuring different DCon affiliated artists

Priority registration for DCon Workshops

Discounted tickets to DCon Shows 


There are two Membership Payment Options.

-For the member who wants to save: Make a one time payment of $200 for the entire year (valid from 4/2021 - 4/2022). 

-For the member who wants the flexibility to cancel at anytime: choose our month to month option for only $25/mo.

Love is wo text.jpg

May 2021 marks our five year anniversary of Love Is... and it's just as relevant now as it was then. The pandemic has shut down our ability to gather in person and share our common love of art, so we reimagined Love Is... for the virtual world. 


Join us for our 5 year anniversary show, as we deep dive into Love head first. We use our artistry, creativity, and acrobatic skills to share our experiences and understandings of Love. We do this to help you unlock your own unique understanding and will encourage you to share your definition with us on our live digital clip board collage.


Visit back soon or sign up on our mailing list for the date and time. Tickets will be available at all price levels. 

Inspiration is Everwhere Podcast DConstruction Arts

This brand new Podcast from DConstruction Arts explores the different aspects of inspiration, why it's important, and how storytellers from many different disciplines use it to create.

Unlock your own creativity! Jane and Tavi provide practical tips and exercises to get you started!

Definition of Man

Live Stream the Ovation Awards nominated show!

In these crazy times of sheltering in place and social distancing, DConstruction Arts is excited to be collaborating with Nikki Muller and Jason Rosario to bring the award winning show "Definition of Man" LIVE to your living room (or bedroom, or bathroom...your choice ;)


"Definition of Man" has been hailed as a sexier, more violent "Waiting for Godot" and takes on the challenges of language and connection in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Check back soon for upcoming live stream dates and times.


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