A Field Guide for the Storytellers of the World

This brand new Podcast from DConstruction Arts explores all the different aspects of inspiration, why it's important and how storytellers from all disciplines use it to create! Join Artistic Directors Tavi Stutz and Jane Rose as they dive into thoughtful conversations, spotlight innovative artists and companies, and chat with inspirational guests, including puppeteer Kristi Hughes, life coach Randy Spelling, hand balancer Sasha Pivaral and more!

Join Jane and Tavi as they converse and reflect on all angles of inspiration and how it informs their artistic process as they sift through and extract ideas about inspiration, storytellers, imitation, nature & human nature, motivation & discipline, and internal & external processing. 


Unlock your own creativity! It's these types of conversations that get the creative juices flowing. One of the many reasons people make art is to share... a thought, an emotion, a perspective, and so on. That is what Tavi and Jane do in this podcast. They share the process of being inspired by the world around them, deconstruct how that inspiration can lead to a deeper appreciation, and lead the way to a new creation. 

This podcast explores one main theme over multiple episodes:  

- Indroduction and discussion of a broad theme with Tavi and Jane

- A spotlight conversation where Tavi and Jane highlight a person or company

- Conversations with inspiring professionals

- A final conversation with Tavi and Jane to wrap up that theme

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