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We are committed to conceiving, creating and producing the highest quality theater, multimedia, and social experiences. Working with world class artists and providing accessibility to all audiences, we explore themes derived from conversations in our society that effect our identities and understanding of self. A non-profit company, we fulfill our mission through the development and production of new works, educational initiatives and audience outreach programs that enrich the lives of all ages.




Artistic director of DConstruction Arts, Tavi Stutz, is an international circus artist, director, actor and teacher. A graduate of Butler University, Stutz studied business, theater performance, and dance before moving to NYC where he began dancing and acting at Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, Roundabout Theater Company, and the Siti Company.  Stutz then studied at Harvard and through this connection was invited to Moscow by the Bolshoi Ballet. While living in Moscow during his down time, he taught movement to college students at MXAT and to Harvard graduate students.


Upon moving back to NYC after an eight hour audition Stutz signed his first of many contracts with Cirque du Soleil. Cirque brought him to his current home Los Angeles. There, Stutz has worked with the local band of misfits Cirque Berzerk, generational family run Circus Vargas, and pop artist Taylor Swift at the billboard music awards to name a few. 


The desire to create his own work brought him back full circle to his studies as a director and choreographer. Stutz teamed up with Jane Rose to create, DConstruction Arts. His work has been nominated for an Ovation Award (Definition of Man), winner of hollywood fringe festival best in dance and choreography (Definition of Man), winner of best of festival at the Denver Fringe (Definition of Man) and a best choreography at the Valley Theater Awards (Art is Useless When You’re Being Mauled by a Bear). His passion lies in expanding his own as well as others' knowledge of art and all its wonders.



Jane Rose (McKeever) balances a career as a performer and a designer.  In 2000, after she earned her BA in theatrical design, directing and performance at the University of Illinois, Chicago, she gained first hand experience as a Sound Designer, Sound Mixer and Principle Dancer for numerous regional theater companies, such as The Court and The Goodman Theatres. In 2003 she moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA earning a MFA in Sound Design for Theater, Film and Multimedia. 

Her training at UCLA opened up the world of Multimedia design and Post-Production editing. Upon graduation, Rose worked with Walt Disney Imagineering as a sound editor on films and television shows, including action-fantasy movie Wanted and Oliver Stone’s W. In 2009, she co-founded Los Angeles based foley company Happy Feet Foley, whose projects include Game of Thrones and Castle Rock. That same year, Rose began teaching in the Television, Film and Media Studies department at California State University, Los Angeles and is now a full professor with tenure. She is currently serving as the Associate Chair of Production and oversees the Production curriculum for the department. 


In 2009 Rose discovered aerial arts by chance, and it quickly became a passion. So much so that she began performing, teaching, and in 2014, launched her nonprofit performance company DConstruction Arts, seamlessly bringing together two aspects of her career. Rose is thrilled to continue collaborating with artists weaving together movement and design in a way that reveals human stories and brings people together.

After many years of creating, directing, acting, dancing, editing, writing, engineering, traveling, teaching, producing, singing, flying, filming, and designing in cities and countries around the world, paths crossed and a partnership was born.


Tavi Stutz and Jane Rose pooled their talents, creativity, and expertise to create DConstruction Arts, an innovative theatrical production company.  


DConstruction Arts tackles social, political, and emotional issues through circus arts, dance, music, and multimedia. They ask the audience to consider the inner workings of the human condition.

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