Jane Rose DConstruction Arts


We are committed to conceiving, creating and producing the highest quality theater, multimedia, and social experiences. Working with world class artists and providing accessibility to all audiences, we explore themes derived from conversations in our society that effect our identities and understanding of self. A non-profit company, we fulfill our mission through the development and production of new works, educational initiatives and audience outreach programs that enrich the lives of all ages.




As a young man, Tavi was intrigued by human interactions. He yearned to understand people's wiring, their programs, and the inner workings that lead to their thoughts which, in turn, lead them to making certain decisions. It has since become his mission to use his understandings to help bring people together and create a space for creativity, art and healing. His dream is to build a community that fosters the arts, in all its forms, and celebrate in its beauty, its ability to bring people together, and its ability to heal. 

Jane Rose DConstruction Arts


As a young girl, Jane was inspired by a contemporary production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Fascinated by the union of a language from an era gone by and a familiar setting, she felt inspired to create transgressive works of her own. In support of this intersectional approach, she was also drawn to areas of entertainment where performance and design/technology intersect, from moving stages and projections to pyrotechnic effects. The way in which technical innovation could be used to support narrative intention spoke to her. Her goal in the works she creates is to provide a transformative environment that allows audiences to understand concepts and themes in a deeper manner.

Tavi Stutz DConstruction Arts

After many years of creating, directing, acting, dancing, editing, writing, engineering, traveling, teaching, producing, singing, flying, filming, and designing in cities and countries around the world, paths crossed and a partnership was born.


Tavi Stutz and Jane Rose pooled their talents, creativity, and expertise to create DConstruction Arts, an innovative theatrical production company.  


DConstruction Arts tackles social, political, and emotional issues through circus arts, dance, music, and multimedia. They ask the audience to consider the inner workings of the human condition.