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"Definition of Man," a one-act  play that investigates the human drive to communicate and the inevitable breakdown that results from the inherent incompleteness of language. 

Definition Of Man
Love Is

"Love Is...," is an interactive circus arts theater experience. Using video and live performance each artist shares with the audience an intimate portrait and their unique definition of love.

Love Is_3_31-6420_edited.jpg

Cube Taboo is an acrobatic dance and movement piece that addresses the concept in modern society that there are “taboo” subjects including politics, sex and religion.

Dreya Weber's one-woman show  takes the audience on a journey that explores familial lineage. Playing a game of “ancestral leapfrog”, Dreya Weber transforms into three dynamic women rooted to their own place in history.

A twisted walking tour of multimedia and circus arts that delights and frights. Join Virgil and Alice on a mysterious and magical adventure descending deeper and deeper into Danté's Inferno.


Artists of various backgrounds and skills are welcomed and encouraged to come develop original works with the ever growing DConstruction Arts community.

Contact us for more information.

A test ground for exploratory works, DCon Lab has been the breeding ground for such innovative and powerful works as "Love Is...", "Witch Piece", and "Cube Taboo".

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