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Love Is...

"Love Is...," is an interactive circus arts theater experience.

Divided into three acts of three performances, each performance begins with an introduction/reveal of an artist. These reveals are projected black and white videos depicting the artist in a manner that is both personal and vulnerable. Corresponding audio weaves a narrative of personal thoughts and information about the artist; who they are, where they come from, and finally their definition of love. As the reveal comes to a close, the artist performs an act that brings their definition of love to light. Even though these artists define love differently, they can agree on one thing, the capacity to give and receive love makes us human.

Through verbal participation with the artists and each other, the audience plays an active role.  They develop their own definition of love and are invited to share it at the end of the night.

Love Is Sarah
Love Is Jane
Love Is Kujo
Love Is Maya
Love Is Tavi
Love Is Andrew
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