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DCon Lab: An Artistic Collective 

Nov 18, 2023 at 2pm


DCon Labs is a place for artists to explore and showcase their works, whether they be finished pieces or in-development. This experiece will take place on the campus of CalState LA in the Television, Film & Media Studies Center (5181 Cavanaugh Road 90032). Paid parking available across the street in lot D or free neighborhood parking available.


DCon Labs will celebrate and foster connections between presenting artists, from emerging to seasoned, and audience. There will be focused discussions to further examine the presented works, as well as time for those attending to ask questions. Examples/excerpts/presentations of work may include but are not limited to aerial acts, circus arts, dance, music, poetry, theater, photography, etc. It’s a place for artists to experiment, explore and receive real time feedback. It’s also a place for audience members to ask questions and gain further insight to the creative process. 


DCon Labs: An Artistic Collective is a supportive and growing Artistic Community. Our goal is to amplify the amazing work that is being created, develop new collaborative partners and expand our audience of art lovers in 2023.

DCON Lab Nov 18, 2023

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