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Beyond DCon

aerial evolution podcast logo with Jane Rose and Rowan Metzner

Aerial Evolution

With Rowan Metzner and Jane Rose

Podcast Aerial Evolution brings you in depth discussions of how aerial has evolved over the years and where it is going. Releasing every other Tuesday, hosts Rowan and Jane, invite special guests to gain inside perspectives on the origins as well as their personal stories to keep you inspired and hopefully a little more informed.

Available wherever you listen to podcasts including: Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

Cirque on the Water

"I am currently working on my boat project, Cirque on the water. I just booked our first show so that's exciting! I am working hard on making a socially distanced boat show where people can still enjoy spectacular performance art even now. Cirque over the water takes place on a beautiful sailboat, where mermaids, dancers, and aerial artists will delight you with tantalizing powerful artistry hanging on and off the boat. Come enjoy a day on the water watching some inspiring art. Our goal is to create a socially distanced event where the audience members are each on their own boats enjoying the water show."

Next show is Dec 12th 2020 in Newport Beach

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