"Afflicted Nature" - preview of gallery installation to be presented Summer 2015

Inspired by the AIDS Quilt and Tony Kushner's "Angels in America", "Afflicted Nature" looks to explore the effect of disease on patients with terminal illnesses. Presented using large-scale projection this piece allows us to see the last dying moments of a dying mans life and glimpses of what lies beyond.


Confining Comforts - D Construction Arts was commissioned by AJMJ Productions to create a scene to be part of a larger exhibit which explores the relationship of American consumers to their design and home purchases. DCON depicts a 1950s American dream.  It's Sunday afternoon, she's mixing martinis and he's cooking dinner on the grill, life couldn't be dreamier. Confining Comforts takes a satirical look and draws attention to the question, “are you the things you own?”