All kinds of variety acts are welcome: Circus acts, aerial, ground, clown, singer/songwriter, dance, burlesque acts, or anything else you can dream up!


Submit your materials for consideration 

Please submit the following materials by June 1, 2019

  • 2 - 3 minute unedited submission video showcasing your talent (this does not have to be the act you will showcase, but it must show your discipline and artistry) 

  • Image that can be featured in promotional materials for the show if you are selected!

DCon Talent Lab

Do you have an act? Looking for more performance opportunities? Want to be part of developing,  supportive and encouraging community of creatives and intellectuals

DConstruction Arts is looking for artists!

July 21, 2019

Performer FAQs

Who can submit?

Open to any and all! All performance types welcome! All ages welcome! All genders welcome! All races welcome! If you have got an interesting, thought provoking or fun act, we want to see it!

How do I enter?

Submit your audition materials by clicking here.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. There is no cost to submit. 

There will be no additional  fees for the performers who are selected. 


When and where is the live event?

DCon Talet Lab will be held at the beautiful Pico Union Project. This former masonic temple has maintained its beauty and original organ, but with the addition of some theatrical lights, sound and aerial rigging it's been transformed. This community building project is located at 1153 Valencia St. Los Angeles CA 90035


What types of acts will be accepted?

All variety acts welcome! Solo, duo and group acts of all kinds. Circus acts, including aerial, ground, or clown, Singer/Songwriter, Dance, Burlesque, etc... Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate animal acts, unless, your animal is a puppet, then please submit cuz we want to see it!


What is the time limit/duration for acts?

Acts selected to perform must be no longer than 5 minutes in duration.

What are the guidelines for my submission video?

As part of the application process, we require a two-minute unedited video of you performing an act to assess technical skill level and artistry. This can be a rehearsal video and does not need to be the exact act you will perform if selected for the live event, though it must showcase the discipline or apparatus you plan to perform. If you are submitting for a duo or group, both  or all performers must be in the video. We will select participating contestants from the submissions. 

What is the submission deadline?

You must submit your application by 11:59 pm PT on June 1, 2019.


When will you announce performers selected to perform?

An email will be sent out to all applicants by June 8, 2019. 

What is expected of me if I am selected to perform in the Talent Lab?

there are three mediatory factors that each artist agrees to by agreeing to be part of this show

  • an act that extends no longer than 5min

  • two one hour rehearsals with the director  

  • attendance at tech/dress rehearsal

Is this a competition?

This is not a competition. DCon Talent Lab is designed to encourage and find new, emerging, and seasoned artists. It is our goal to grow a supporting and encouraging community of creatives and intellectuals. This is not a competition but a gathering of artists. No awards will be calculated, tabulated, or handed out. We are all winners!

Will there be photo/video of the evening?

All performers at the live event will receive professional photos of your performance.

What apparatuses are available?

We have different aerial apparatuses available, including tissues, hoops, static trapeze, dance trapeze, rope, straps, and hammocks. Performers may bring in their own equipment to be rigged if needed or if it is an apparatus we cannot provide. If you have something you’d like rigged, please contact us so we can get details and make sure it will work with the rigging space we have.


Will there be a pulley or motor?

We will not have a motor available due to space limitations. We will have a 1:1 pulley to change gear for each aerial act. No orbiting or swinging motions will be possible.


How large is the performance space?

The stage is roughly 10′ deep x 10′ wide. The floor is wood, all aerialists must have specialty insurance (all performers must sign a liability release form). The rig stands 25′ high.


What time do we need to arrive?

Talent will be expected at the venue for tech/dress rehearsal date and time TBD.

Event start is at 4pm on Sunday July ??, 2019. Call time is 3pm on the day of the show.