A Nikki Muller and Jason Rosario collaboration, Definition of Man, Directed by JJ Mayes and Tavi Stutz, produced by DConstruction Arts. A sexier, more violent Waiting for Godot, Definition of Man is a physicalized post-modern decreation myth that investigates the human drive to communicate and the inevitable breakdown that results from the inherent incompleteness of language. The one-act synthesizes personal narratives, academic texts and Russian counterbalancing to explore issues of identity, race, gender performance and communicative breakdown. By speaking from their own situated experiences as the daughter of an East German refugee and son to Puerto Rican parents respectively, Muller and Rosario provide an intimate portrayal of the inner struggle to overcome one’s own assumptions and the sacrifices required to connect and find understanding with our fellow man. With only two actors, two props, and a stage covered in cardboard, Definition of Man is an intimate, intense hour-long exploration that uses every facet of verbal and nonverbal communication to question our assumptions of what it truly means to be human.

Definition of Man - Loft Ensemble

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