An Experimental Showcase

DConstruction Arts launches DCON Lab in 2018 as a testing ground for new and developing works. Each showcase brings to the stage works in their final stages of completion to test before live audiences. No two shows will be the same, and each will wow the crowd in different ways!!

Stay tuned for upcoming show announcements!!

Definition of Man


Theatrical & Multimedia Production

A sexier, more violent Waiting for Godot, Definition of Man is a physicalized post-modern decreation myth that won the Hollywood Fringe 2017 Best in Dance and Physical Theatre and "Ripest Show" award. Defintion of Man investigates the human drive to communicate and the inevitable breakdown that results from the inherent incompleteness of language. The one-act was created by Nikki Muller and Jason Rosario by synthesizing personal narratives, academic texts and Russian counterbalancing to explore issues of identity, race, gender performance and communicative breakdown.

Love Is...


Theatrical & Multimedia Production

A unique and thought-provoking experience , in which the audience surrounds the stage/performance area and giant panels which are projection surfaces for the multimedia run from floor to ceiling are surrounding them. 


The evening is divided into three acts, each act consists of three performances, each performance begins with an introduction/reveal of an artist. These reveals are videos showing the artist in a manner both personal and vulnerable. Upon conclusion of each reveal, the artist performs an act that brings their definition of love to light. 

Love Is...



The Multimedia Installation of Love Is…  can be presented in any space. Perfect for art galleries and non-traditional spaces.


This installation includes a unique set up of panels and screens which display the artist's "reveal" as well as a filmed version of the artist's act. The reveal is a black and white video that reveals an in-depth look at the artist and his definition of love. 


This piece invites everyone to think about what LOVE means and create a personalized definition of LOVE.

Afflicted Nature


Film/Textile Exhibit


The piece "Afflicted Nature" was conceived to raise awareness about the current state of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  The inspirations for the piece draw from the creation of the AIDS quilt/Names Project and the Tony Award winning play "Angels in America". 

Presented using large-scale projection this piece allows us to see the last dying moments of Prior’s life and glimpses of what lies beyond.


Confining Comforts


Multimedia installation


DConstruction Arts was commissioned by AJMJ Productions to create a scene to be part of a larger exhibit which explores the relationship of American consumers to their design and home purchases. DCON depicts a 1950s American dream.  It's Sunday afternoon, she's mixing martinis and he's cooking dinner on the grill, life couldn't be dreamier. Confining Comforts takes a satirical look and draws attention to the question, “are you the things you own?”


video credit: Alloy Images



Aerial and Ground Performance


This synchronized lyra act depicts a romance, just like any other, with its moments of tenderness, its ups and downs, and its power struggles.

Love Is...

A Theatrical, Circus & Multimedia Production


An intimate, unique and thought-provoking experience that invites each audience member to indulge in his/her sensitivity and define Love